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Nathan Ball – Echo

<strong> Nathan Ball </strong> – Echo

Nathan Ball is a 23-year-old singer/songwriter from Cornwall. The first single from his upcoming EP is the song “Echo“, a downtempo alt-folk ballad that perfectly embodies the damp autumn mood. The song begins with a series of deep piano chords, while in the background appears a soft guitar that recalls the sounds of Daughter. Nathan’s evocative vocals(…)


Peluché – Ohio

<strong>Peluché</strong> – Ohio

Do you remember about floaty harmonies and chatchy grooves by london-based Keebo? Well, we do it well and we’re happy to discover that the three of it  (Amy, Rhapsody, Sophie) reformed as Peluché and that they’re going to release a new album via Rip Records, which will be anticipated by a bounch of singles this winter. “Ohio”(…)


Bored Nothing – What deserve being idle and watching cartoons

<strong> Bored Nothing </strong>  – What deserve being idle and watching cartoons

Last week we had the chance to meet the man up above: Fergus Miller is touring around the world under the moniker of Bored Nothing. His project has started in 2011, or so, recording some stuff in his bedroom with an old 4-track, to arrive on being published by Spunk Records. Firstly with the namesake debut(…)