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Shy For Shore – Steal My Car

<strong> Shy For Shore </strong> – Steal My Car

Shy For Shore is a Norwegian male / female duo specializing in the creation of synth bombs made of painful pop and 80’s dreams. Their latest single is entitled “Steal My Car” and it’s truly intoxicating. It begins with hypnotic vocals drenched in sadness, floating in a desolate scenario of sparse synths. The song comes(…)


NOVAH – Cold / When The Storm Arrived

<strong> NOVAH </strong> – Cold / When The Storm Arrived

Today we want to introduce you NOVAH, a new sextet from Stockholm which has recently released two singles accompanied by their respective videos. The first, “Cold (The Minute We Found Love)” is a captivating up-tempo indie anthem, characterized by a grandiose sound, catchy riffs and a typical Nordic chorus. The video shows images of the(…)


Sego – Wicked Youth [EP]

<strong>Sego</strong> – Wicked Youth [EP]

In spite of its wane, 2014 is still unveiling its best jems, and it was just few days ago that the Utah-born duo Sego joined our fav releases with its debut EP “Wicket Youth” out for french label Kitsuné. Consisting of 5 tracks, “Wicked Youth” is a powerful work of virtuos alt-rock, stretching out its influences from(…)