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Death in the Afternoon – Let’s talk + Interview

<strong> Death in the Afternoon </strong> – Let’s talk + Interview

Swedish Linda Lomelino and Christian Nanze are leading members of synth-pop duo Death in the Afternoon. Signed to Swedish indie label Sommarhjärta, their upcoming album is just around the corner, forestalled by it first cut “Let’s talk“,available in digital formats next 22/09 along with some remixes, including Summer Heart too! The single it’s so 80-good, a cold mixture of synth-wave(…)


Evitceles – Underwater [EP]

<strong>Evitceles</strong> – Underwater [EP]

Evitceles is the moniker of the 23 year-old producer Etien, from Sofia. We haven’t found more about him, except a well-stocked soundcloud, full of tracks ready to be streamed. Above all, his latest EP “Underwater” made us fall with its dark and brooding atmosphere mixed to industrial landascape, enriched by the best inspiration from the(…)


Pix – A Way To Say Goodbye

<strong> Pix </strong> – A Way To Say Goodbye

Pix is the moniker of 19 year-old Hannah Rodgers, a young songwriter from the rural climes of Chipstead, just beyond South London. “A Way To Say Goodbye“, her debut single, is an oniric travel that combines the haunting atmospheres of Angelo Badalamenti’s masterpiece Twin Peaks Theme with ethereal vocals that recalls the hypnotic performances of(…)


PROM – Flickers

<strong> PROM </strong> – Flickers

PROM is a duo from Brooklyn consisting of Ella Zoller and Gabriel Stanley. “Flickers” is just their second single but it’s quite enough to predict them a bright future. There are elements of synth pop and shoegaze and a massive dose of dream pop textures that recall the first works of m83. Made up on(…)